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All you need for
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In one tool:

Video Calls
Showcase your products and 3D models in interactive video calls. More than just screensharing!

Video Calls

Client Spaces
All relevant information for your clients in one place. No more lost emails or files!

Client Spaces

Lead Insights
Fully GDPR-compliant approach to track your clients' buying journey. No more wild guesses!

Lead Insights

How does Virtrex help you get more sales?

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Offer more than just a video call

Incorporate interactive elements, shared files, 3D and AR in your video call. Impress your clients and let them take an active part!

Get connected
Share Information

Share information

Access anytime from anywhere

We provide a branded and secure virtual area for you and your customer to exchange a product and technical information. Clients can reach out to you via video calls or chat anytime.

Get insights

Take the right actions at the right time

Virtrex tracks each and every client interaction and supports you in your customer-centric sales process.

Get Insights
Customer Contact


Unite all functions of your tools in one place

With Virtrex, combine all your tools into one suite and integrate your CRM and marketing automation systems. Eliminate the risk of losing important files or getting lost between critical communication strings.

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