Business meetings are best done in person.
For all other cases there is Virtrex.

One platform for all your customer touchpoints: Live events, 3D & AR representations of your products, in-tool video calls – and real-time data on your customers' behaviour.

All in one tool. Anywhere, anytime.

Business meetings are best done in person.<br>For all other cases there is Virtrex.

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All digital B2B marketing & sales activities in one tool

Customer Experience

Ultimate Customer Experience

Inspire your customers with realistic 3D product visualizations, AR features, and exciting live events.


Ultimate Productivity

Reach customers worldwide at any time with a fraction of common expenses.

Lead Insights

Ultimate Lead Insights

Get realtime lead insights along the whole customer journey to increase your sales success.

Virtrex. The solution for the complete B2B customer journey.

Attention-grabbing live events via personalized stages & streams

Your products deserve the best digital presentation - using 3D & AR

Create brand new digital experiences for your customers through interactive product pages. Add 3D visualisations to standard 2D product pictures and enable customers to experience your products in their environment via Augmented Reality.

Increase your sales success with realtime insights about customer behavior

Live customer interaction via instant video calls - anywhere and anytime

Open up your products, sales training, information, and much more to customers, clients, partners, and employees all over the world via live video calls and chats anytime you want. Your product experts get matched to interested visitors and can convert them into customers live and in person.