B2B buying
fully automated

Offer your customers an autonomous buying experience in personalised Client Spaces, get real-time insights on their interactions and contact them exactly when they are ready.

43% of B2B buyers want to buy autonomously without the hassle of Gatekeepers.

Harvard Business Review, 2022

Win-win for both sides

Personalised Client Space

Enable your customers to access information about your offers in their client space at any time and consume it at their own pace, without gatekeepers or email ping-pong.

The customer journey at a glance

Lead Dashboard

Get real-time information about your customers' activities in the Client Space and optimally manage the buying process. No more annoying qualification via phone and email!

Reachable, fast & uncomplicated

Video call & chat

As soon as your customers are ready for the next step, you are always available in the Client Space via the preferred contact option. The customer has the choice.

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