Your account and payment

What languages are supported, and how can I change the platform's language?
What does Virtrex cost?
Is there a demo or free trial of the platform?
How do I cancel my Virtrex Contract?
Does Virtrex offer a service where my complete account and exposition will be set-up for me?

About Virtrex

What is Virtrex and who is it for?
People would like to experience a product by touching it. How is it possible to replace it online?
Does Virtrex offer an online shopping feature?

Using Virtrex

How can exhibitors get in touch with visitors of an exposition?
How many associates can I invite to Virtrex?
How many people can participate in my Expo?
What are the recommended size, formats, and resolutions for uploaded media files?
What needs to be considered when using 3D products?
When should I start preparing an exhibition if I am an exhibitor or organizer?
Which Browser should I use?